R e d  R e a p e r | Tokyo Ghoul

R e d R e a p e r | Tokyo Ghoul

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" Red Reaper, Red Reaper, who shall your next target be? " 

One of the most famous urban legends in the 20th Ward talks about a female ghoul called the Red Reaper. No one knows her real name and no one knows how she really looks, but her one distinctive trait is her fiery, red hair. 

The legend says that the Red Reaper strikes every midnight on Wednesdays, killing anyone who happens to be in her way as she wanders the streets. She lures them in with her sweet voice and kills them in a second. They say she moves so fast that if you blink, she's gone. 

CCG investigators have been trying to determine whether this is truly a myth... or not, but the legend states that anyone who bumps into her at night or sees her, is doomed to die. That's why all they see is a red flash, then darkness. 

" Red Reaper, Red Reaper, paint me red. "

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fatima_Top fatima_Top May 28
Phfff exept me
                              Oh wait i would have died seeing a sight of a ghoul 
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Boi me in school 
                              Just waiting for someone to tumble to me so can roast them hard
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No but ur becoming a target and if u dont shut ur damn mouth ima shove u down the furnace