The Lupine Diaries : The Alpha's Mark[#2]

The Lupine Diaries : The Alpha's Mark[#2]

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I started to stroll away from her. 

"Wait!" she clasped onto my arm, groaning when it made me stop. I looked down to the girl, having the exact same eyes as mine. Yet hers looked like she was about to start balling. "Where's my momma?" 

It was like a harpoon to my heart, feeling the blood soak me instantly. I breathed out, looking around the dark forest. Enduring the distance did shock me with how far she's gotten to find me, but it really didn't puzzle how she knew, no, I'm not. 

I can't be. 

Raising a brow down in her direction, feeling the forest lean closer to even hear me. "She's dead, little one."


Niko Clavel is the Alpha king of the entire norther part of Canada: Yukon, Northwestern, and Nunvut. He can handle the hassle from the loners and traitor who beg for help for he has been nicknamed the death angel, but he has his times he wish he wasn't. 

But when he finds little a girl out of the blue in his backyard, claiming to be his daughter. 

Mixed feelings of lost love, confusion, hatred, and yet the urge to protect her comes to Niko. But as she clings to his side 24/7, he can't help but replace his love of his life with his daughter. But as the news breaks out, a weakness to the king's heart, red flags flies up. 

And Niko will stop at nothing to keep his princess safe, for she is the heir to his place; The Alpha's mark.

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MartianVampire14 MartianVampire14 Jun 16, 2016
I feel like I'm reading a peom....but the story is nice so far.
xoteeox xoteeox Apr 27, 2015
I can't be the only one reading this because Mitch luker and his daughter before he died is the cover..right??
believemeimlying__ believemeimlying__ Mar 14, 2013
Lolz yea but it ok I luv luv luv this book it's one of those books that ever disappoints u and never get tired of reading it over and over again. It also reminds me of the good things in life bc nw isn't the best time of year but I luv the story XD
ButtercupsnUnicorns ButtercupsnUnicorns Mar 14, 2013
@heyitsmandyyy Oh god, I can't remember right now but I used to be friends with him on a site namee Myyearbook(now named Meetme). I swear it started with a K but his image really inspired me on how Niko's attitude was. haha.