#Wattys Light of the Midnight: My Own Star (A Young Justice {Robin} Fanfiction)

#Wattys Light of the Midnight: My Own Star (A Young Justice {Robin} Fanfiction)

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Kaido By KaidoKurahana Completed

Green Lantern's apprentice Emerald Star joins the Team, but she has a secret. Star has faced the Team before, but on the wrong side. Once, she worked for Klarion the Witch Boy. Soon she will have to tell the team, which is a shame, because Robin thought he had found his very own Star. Unfortunately he is not the only one, because Witch Boy watches over the one he loves constantly. Let the chaos begin.


BOOK ONE in the Light of the Midnight Series

Book Two: You Are My Constellation
Read it here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/24151285-light-of-the-midnight-you-are-my-constellation-a

Was that pic here last time I read this story............. oh well still hilarious😂
Panda_pens Panda_pens Feb 20
Me: Gaaaaaahhh!!! *falls clutching chest* 
                              W-what happened? 
                              Doctor: your 'daww meter' has exploded
                              Me: Nooooooooo........ wait wut?
RavenQuill_ RavenQuill_ Aug 01
First thought with our watching the trailer...
                              WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS!!! XD lmao
Someone should draw/make a picture of Orion on top of Superboy's head!!
Mus1c1sl1fe Mus1c1sl1fe Jun 02
2nd time reading this. I just realized how often I get that stuck in my head without actually remembering where I got it from. Usually I figure it out after a couple minutes, then think 'Oh my gosh, I haven't read that in a while I should go back and read it again! '
VIPxShawol VIPxShawol Jul 10
Tbh it sounds like something you'd hear in Sailor Moon. It's cute