Amnesia (Book One, Gossip Girl, Dedicating To pinklovelove)

Amnesia (Book One, Gossip Girl, Dedicating To pinklovelove)

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Nevaeh "Noe" van der Woodsen has been living with her father for most of her life. Since Lily had gotten Eric and Serena, it was only fair that William had gotten Nevaeh.

Until he gets into a fight with his current girlfriend and gets drunk, causing a car crash with Navaeh inside, causing her to have a head injury with severe memory loss. 

She has to relearn everything about who she is and the people around her, starting with moving back in with Serena, Lily and Eric.

This could only mean a lot of trouble.

CilleQueen1 CilleQueen1 Jan 16
This in an epic story! You are a really good writer. You are really good at making your own caracter be like they belong in the story! I have read almost all of your stories and I love them all. Keep writing!! :)
LonelyDollhouse LonelyDollhouse Nov 23, 2014
Don't want to be rude but how is she 16 if she was born in 1990?