The Love Quirk

The Love Quirk

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Red (⌐■_■) By Crunchybanana49 Updated Jul 05

Third year students at UA have been hit by a love quirk. This causes true feelings to come out! From cuddles and movies night to late night fucking, the class is in for some fun.

What if Uraraka and Bakugo both get effect and start to fall for a redhead? Or worst what if the redhead likes them back!

Meanwhile Midoryia has been hiding feelings for a certain someone. When the quirk hits he finds himself waking up naked next to Todoroki.

All the characters are now 18+ in this story! This will not just be a smut book!

Ships: Tododeku and kacchakokiri (the main two!)

I do not own bnha or mha I do not own any art used