Monster On The Outside, Beauty Within (The Hobbit Fanfic)

Monster On The Outside, Beauty Within (The Hobbit Fanfic)

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Emily By CrazyDreamGirl Completed

Rowen Rose. A young girl outcasted by her people. She hides behind a hood and mask. Afraid to show her face. Afraid of her human race. 

She hides in a cottage surrounded by animals and trees but one day she meets an old friend.

"Gandalf, what are you doing here?" I asked. 

He smiled. "You remember me." 

"Of course I do. You helped me when I was younger."

"Can you repay me for that?"


"Do you know of Smaug?"

"Everyone knows of Smaug." I said.

"Well, there is a quest to take back the home that Smaug took. You know of Thorin Oakenshield? He will be there leading the group. I would like to ask, would you come? Help the dwarves get there home back?" He asked.

"Maybe. I do not trust many people."

"I understand that but you lost a home when you were eight. I think this will help you get a home back as well. If you decided in coming. Go to the Shire in three days time. There will be a mark on the door. That is the house you will go to." 

Follow Rowen and the quest she takes. (Cover by: @oOxXParty_PoisonXxOo) 

Completed: March 8, 2015

Editing by: @Angelbabe01

C-Chizel C-Chizel Aug 19
I would never do that to a person because they work hard on their book and then a random person just posts oh look at my book it's better than theirs! It's like a stab at the heart. It hurts and people don't relize it until too late.
Raspy84 Raspy84 Feb 15
This is very intriguing. I usually dislike the hobbit and the lord of the rings. But u make it more vibrant bringing in a whole new level of intrigue.
Raspy84 Raspy84 Feb 15
U did a nice job on this. I can't help it but express my feelings that this is better than the hobbit! Even though much of it is the same. It's good to see it from another perspective. A good quality in a book.
cloe1400 cloe1400 Sep 10
This is amazing so far. Reminds me of the phantom of the opera a bit.
TeresSue TeresSue Apr 06
A few months ago I can across this app through tumblr. Let me tell you I'm enjoying every story.  
                              In just the first chapter you had me. I wasn't even at the half way point and I had to see the story through to the end. Got to  go to bed, but I'm reading more in the morning.
cloe1400 cloe1400 Sep 10
I'm not going to lie, this scared me. I switched chapters and BOOM!!! Gandalf in my face.😂😂😂