You Have 86,400 Seconds To Find Me

You Have 86,400 Seconds To Find Me

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Samantha Black By samanthablack__ Completed

Macy Sales has run away and is literally 24 hours, 86,400 seconds, away from committing suicide. She has left behind 24 video clues to help her best friend, Max (along with her ex-best friend Kelly) figure out her location. 

Macy has always had a problem letting people in but now more than ever, she needs her friends to take part in a very unorthodox life or death scavenger hunt. Clinging to the smallest hope that maybe, someone cares enough to come find her. 

Will Max find Macy in time? There is only one way to find out.

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • insecurity
  • suicide
  • suicideawareness
  • teen
  • teenromance
  • teensuicide
samanthablack__ samanthablack__ Sep 15, 2015
@I-am-Dauntless- I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for taking the time to check it out!
samanthablack__ samanthablack__ Aug 22, 2015
Yes, you can read the whole thing! Once you finish one chapter it should take you to the next one!
MaryanneDiOrio MaryanneDiOrio Aug 22, 2015
Well, of course, I'm a bit biased....But I love it! It pulls the reader in.--Is there more? What I read was not enough....I need the whole story now. Will you be able to finish it here, or how does that work?
-Apogee -Apogee Dec 11, 2014
Wow. This is amazing! Intense, and unique yet relatable! Loving it already
Fallen_Vamp Fallen_Vamp Dec 02, 2014
i'm reading it and i can relate so much to macy, i literally started crying. but the book is really good, you should keep writing
SkylerMRF SkylerMRF Nov 28, 2014
This is good. This kind of book is new. But really really creative.