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I Can't Be The Alpha's Mate

I Can't Be The Alpha's Mate

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Red Assassin By Red_Assassin Completed

CONTAINS VERY MATURE CONTENT. "Katarina," my name passed his lips in a gruff whisper and I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle. 

Rafe's hands ran over my body as he backed me up to the bed. Everywhere our skin touched a fire burned within me. It consumed me. In that moment I wanted him more than anything. 

I was hyper aware of his hardness pressed against me and I bit my lip. Looking into his dark eyes I could see his desire.

His mouth was on my neck, his teeth grazing the skin. I let out a moan as he hit my sweet spot and I could feel his body react to it. 

He pressed harder against me and slowly slid a hand down the front of my jeans, leaving a tingling path as he made his way. 

"I want you to say it Katarina," he said. 

I felt his hand stroking me and I bit my lip. There was no doubt I wanted more, and he wanted to give it to me. 

"Say what?" I asked, my voice strained as I tried to hold my composure. 

"You know what," he said sliding my shirt up, sucking on my exposed breast as he teased me below. 

I moaned again and I could feel him smile. He thrust two fingers in and my control started breaking. I couldn't remember the previous arguments with myself, I couldn't remember why I had been so afraid of him, I couldn't remember why I had tried staying away. All I knew was I didn't want him to stop, I wanted more. 

"Rafe, I'm-"

Ironicisit Ironicisit Apr 22
A virgin--------- is it me is is it getting hot in here 😅 kids make sure to use protection
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jun 12
She is not the brightest bulb.  You set your mind to leave but don't make a plan or do any research.  Beginning to think this is why she was invisible in her old pack, she couldn't find the light.
TJSummer1 TJSummer1 6 days ago
Question; Why? It is never explained why she wants to leave. Is she curious? Does she feel a pull (mate) maybe? Does she want to go off on her own just for an adventure (if so where is she planning to go?) This needs to be better explained.
Man who hits women
                              Man who hits anyone without a valid reason
                              Wait till I get you...
                              You might wish your parents weren't so active that one day many years ago...😈🔪
ingeling79 ingeling79 Jun 10
I can totally not imagine into who's parkland she's going to walk and whose mate she's going to be
It's funny because she's a female wolf mening that she's a female dog which is the meaning of bitch