Fate has a Mind of Its Own (SEQUEL)

Fate has a Mind of Its Own (SEQUEL)

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Hanisah Naim By CrazyforWoo Updated Dec 24, 2012


What happened when the person you love told you to wait for nine years? To not keep in touch? Well... Harry Styles has experienced it... Amethyst Wyatt, the person he loves, his wife and... the person he's hurt the most. What happened when they finally meet again but something terribly bad happened?

Read on to find out what's the 'terribly bad' thing and how will Hazza overcome the situation >.<

[A/N: I suck at the blurb :P]

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KRAZY_Koffeelover KRAZY_Koffeelover Feb 28, 2017
Is anybody else laughing at the last six words😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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I'm just SOO freaking happy u wrote this thanks a LOT really
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Ok nevermind what I said on the last chapter! :) This is great!Thanks!
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thank you soooooooo much for continuing i would die if u didn't
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ERMAGERD. I was looking for the other story and found this one after I read UWC and I was like ERMAGERD OHMAGAWD OMG LOL SHSKDKDK. I love you.