Double Vision

Double Vision

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Leigh By leigh_ Updated Mar 09, 2015

“My sister passed away over a month ago. The last time I saw her was yesterday.”

When eighteen-year-old Reese Washington dies of an undetected heart defect, she leaves a bucket list behind: ten things, all incomplete, detailing the stuff she never got to do.

Struggling with her grief, Reese’s twin sister, Callie, sees no other option but to set out to complete what she had planned; she’s determined to finish the list, however slowly, on behalf of the person who made it. The ultimate tribute to her sister.

Reaching the end is something Callie’s always been counting on. Finding help in the form of Mitchell Hunt, the candid editor of the school newspaper who's way too keen on sharing, certainly isn’t.

Then again, neither is the unexplained psychic connection between her and Reese.

Think twin telepathy, and then think again.

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Honestly speaking, I'd rather move to another school or be homeschooled. I hate stares, especially when people talk about the twin you no longer have, it's like you're being talked about as well.
I accidentally read "Reese Witherspoon" and idk how to feel about it lol
ljennings1 ljennings1 May 02
My brothers were fraternal twins.  The oldest died of a heart attack from an undiagnosed  heart defect.
WHOA. Reese and Callie are the names of the characters I made for a story idea too!
Dude I kind of think that they were both supposed to have a power but while her sisters power was growing her body couldn't handle it and she died suddenly. I don't know if that makes sense but just try to make sense of it.
kimberlyeunice kimberlyeunice Dec 13, 2016
Well, I do that… leaving tge house and plaster a smile on my face and pretend to not fall apart at the seams…