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❤️ My Two Sexy Vampire and Alpha CEO Mates Threesome 18+ ❤️

❤️ My Two Sexy Vampire and Alpha CEO Mates Threesome 18+ ❤️

381K Reads 10.3K Votes 36 Part Story
Butterflylover By hana97100 Updated May 09

A Vampire name, Cross a half-human and half-vampire Duke. He lives deep in the forest surrounded by a magical maze behind the waterfall  that only other magical creatures can pass by. A special girl name Ann had trespassed the forbidden lands and her punishment is death. However, Cross doesn't want to kill Ann, because she's his mate. So, the only way to save Ann is to take her as his bride?!  However Cross isn't Ann only mate she have TWO mates. Her other mate is a mysterious sexy Alpha of the Crimson Moon pack that's in charges of all the wolves. 
  The setting is in the 21st century NOT historical 
  Caution: contains threesome ( two men and one woman) 
  Also there's a gay couple (boy x boy) 
  WARNING: (Sexual Contents ) 
  18+ readers
   THANK YOU for giving this book a try!

panda-girl-ally panda-girl-ally May 18, 2016
if you still need editors i could help you. im also my brothers editor and two other people i met on wattpad and they say that im amazing so yea i woul gladly help :) i have too much time on my hands anyways
persona12 persona12 May 28, 2016
If needed, I can help edit your books. I help edit my friends' papers for school all the time, so I wouldn't be bothered.
hana311 hana311 Feb 07
                              I thought this will be a four way relationship 😂
                              I thought there's two vampires and 1 ware wolf
JessieFey97 JessieFey97 Oct 25, 2015
I know you completed this a while ago but if you ever needed anyone to edit anything you write i would br more than happy to do so :)
lily1124 lily1124 Jun 15, 2015
I would love to be your editor, it will help me be a better revisor. thank you! I also loved ur story my first and last kiss belonged to my brother. xoxo
JasticaRomantica JasticaRomantica May 07, 2015
Awesome start! Can't wait to read this book and two of your other books! XD :)