SOLD! To the Player On the Back Row.

SOLD! To the Player On the Back Row.

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Bells.xo By PromisingSomeone Updated Jul 13, 2011

I know you're looking for a story. So instead of giving you a lame synopsis, I'll tell you what you can expect if you read mine.

- Banter. 
- Arguments.
- Cringes.
- Boys. 
- Suspense. 
- Real life situations.
- And confused teenage problems.

None of that: 'We'd never met before. I'm ugly, he's hot and suddenly WE WERE MAKING OUT. (Oh, did I mention he's a vampire AND a werewolf?! ps I'm pregnant x-X-x)'

Because, LET'S GET REAL, if life was like that, we wouldn't be relying on Wattpad to keep us entertained.

And on that note...
I hope I just won the 'What story should I read next?' competition. 
Peace out, players :)! Stay cool.

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PeRcabEtH513 PeRcabEtH513 Jan 23, 2017
Hold on let me get my ninja stars and my outfit and I'm ready to go
TehmeenaArshad TehmeenaArshad May 23, 2015
Oh, my days,  this was SO hilarious! XD Especially the part when Scott asked her if she was attempting to communicate with him by her mind. lol
Derpina17 Derpina17 Jul 11, 2014
Your synopsis definitely pulled me in, 'ps I'm pregnant' god I hate those stories hahhaa I hope the your whole story is as good as that one summary :P
V-Boss V-Boss Sep 08, 2013
Holy cow this is so funny! I'm raining tears here somebody grab me a tissue you're cracking me up and it's only the BEGINNING!
sara5827 sara5827 Aug 31, 2013
OMG! Hahaha that's hilarious! Me and my twin would be the exact same lol we would probably do this to one another hahaha this is awesome
shinelikethestars101 shinelikethestars101 Apr 22, 2013
Brilliant 'to the player in the back row' made me chuckle :) xx