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Loving Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler fanfic)

Loving Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler fanfic)

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chlxe By tooturntmaloley Updated Aug 05, 2015

(This is my first story. Hope you like it!) 
This is the love story about Spencer Reid and (Y/N) it shows how you fall in love while working through cases at the BAU. 

(This story's P.O.V switches between first person and third person and also has some content that may be inappropriate for younger audiences.)

SadSmolKid SadSmolKid Feb 20, 2016
Why do i understand it cuz every time i hear this joke i laugh not because of that episode because I've heard this joke before and i still laugh and say tru tru
julietnicipurdy_ julietnicipurdy_ Apr 21, 2016
Where is Rossi to stop them before the quantum physics knock-knock jokes?
LexiplierMendes LexiplierMendes Nov 13, 2016
Tulsa Oklahoma brings back so many Outsiders❤️😍😉😉
viki1214 viki1214 Nov 09, 2015
Ok ok I love when Reid talks all big words and stuff on the Telly but reading it is just a pain in arse
ChloeWeirdness ChloeWeirdness Oct 23, 2015
Omg this I love I remember the episode when he told this to a group or youngsters and Rossi was like Reid stop
Proxy_Shiki Proxy_Shiki Aug 16, 2015
                              Hotch:You Forgott That she Has 3000 IQ~