Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation

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Brianna* By bri72182bri Completed

Twenty-three year old Sara Marshal loves her normal, happy life with her thirteen year old niece, Jaydenn Lovek. It's nothing more than a simple country home in Texas, a daily routine, and a normal job as a day time officer.

Out of no where, her normal life takes a 180 degree turn. 

Just like any other night, Sara and Jaydenn go to bed, preparing for a long day of work and school. What she discovers when she awakes, will change everything she's ever known.

Sara and Jaydenn are living in the Chosen Generation. Although it sound like a gifted position, they would both rather be with the others... Where ever that is. Little do they know, a war is about to break out.

BEING EDITED: Please note that this is an older book of mine.

  • action
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • romance
  • thriller
pelicanlord pelicanlord Sep 02, 2017
At the moment they cant know this is all across the world, they only know it's local
Wolf_lover_6108 Wolf_lover_6108 Mar 27, 2017
My mom said if there's ever a zombie apocalypse  go to Costco I told her it would be to crowded but no she doesn't see that lol
awkward1laughter awkward1laughter Nov 10, 2017
I would be looking for the Dolan twins to see if they where safe 😂
thequeenmarisela thequeenmarisela Nov 20, 2017
I'm foreal getting a zombie vibe...... I'm loving it already 😍😆
JoshuaCummins JoshuaCummins Mar 12, 2017
Depends on what you mean suspicious, he just gave her one of her own guns and seems to want her and her nice to be safe from what he might be to afraid to admit to knowing, he might be some quack trying to give them a false sense of security or he might me a doomsday prefer wanting to help out
sparksafe sparksafe Mar 07, 2016
Your not calling that special? Hmmmmmm..... Do you know how flipping hard it is to find a house with TWO, and dare I say again, TWO bathrooms and THREE bedrooms. Sorry just saying, covet that house for all it is worth and then some.