Wanting Him (HunHan / Kailu) (Byuntae)

Wanting Him (HunHan / Kailu) (Byuntae)

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SeLu947 By SeLu947 Updated Jan 01

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    Luhan's innocence was taken by his dongsaengs.. 

    But who will be the one to get his virginity first?

    Kai or Sehun??

Warning : Contains.. boy x boy sex scenes.. If you're against this .. It will be better if you don't read this anymore..

Credits to bReakOurfAll for the amazing book cover <3


(A/N : This story might not be that long compared to my first story She's A He?! .. also don't expect too much .. I'm not really good at doing smuts.. xD )

MaiuLoquilla MaiuLoquilla Jun 26, 2016
I think your booty is big , i'm not sure about your dick tho
XxGoxDiexX XxGoxDiexX Jan 03
What kind of stupid question is that ? -.-
                              The answer HAS TO BE Sehun
SeLu947 SeLu947 Jan 01
Now I know that you should not squeeze the member, just lightly hold it and quick movements is needed.
SeLu947 SeLu947 Sep 18, 2014
@RhuegemPedroza thanks :).. does it have any app. that i can download on my phone.. ^_^
RhuegemPedroza RhuegemPedroza Sep 18, 2014
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                              Dude, asianfanfics has great authors and its the pioneer fanfic site when it comes to KPOP.