Divergent Candor or Dauntless

Divergent Candor or Dauntless

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Jenna Burns By jburns831 Updated Jul 24, 2015



In this fanfiction, the day after capture the flag was a free day, and the initiates all played a game of truth or dare that Four participated in. But the events that occurred in that room that one night forever changed Tris's life. 

After she discovers that Four likes her, how would her initiation change as a result?

(I only ship fourtris and do not put any modern devices like phones into my stories)

Can someone please explain to me why I read that in a SpongeBob voice?
I love that you are true to your readers how u tell us what you think about the book once you finish and look back at it!
That's cool it reminds me of her tattoo of the Ravens representing her family
I laughed so hard my cousins looked at me and asked if my "boyfriend" was texting me
xpress_03 xpress_03 Dec 30, 2015
They wouldn't have a room yet there still sleeping in the same room the initiates
I'm in computers and I just burst out laughing and got sent to the principals office