Hello again

Hello again

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howtotrainyourotp By perfectjackson_httyd Updated Nov 16, 2015

Hiccup has been banished from Berk becouse of his bond with the dragons, and gotta come back in 5 years according to a stupid law. 
See how it goes with the people of Berk when he is gone, and when he comes back!;) 

*it starts after Toothless saved Hiccup from the Monsterous Nightmare, just so you know*

So... Hope you enjoy:)

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sempai1213 sempai1213 Sep 05, 2017
                              He would totally came back to Berk with villagers who hates him for practically his whole life
Social_Gamer_ Social_Gamer_ Aug 03, 2017
Ok care more about a dragon than the banishment of your only son heir to the throne
CookieMontsa CookieMontsa Nov 23, 2017
Because then he would have found out about toothless! Duh! Fùcktard!
Sapphire_Starfire Sapphire_Starfire Dec 04, 2017
If I were him, I’d come back, then say, “SEE YA. IM GONE AGAIN. ADIOS. YOU SAID COME BACK, NOT STAY!”
LyllianFoster LyllianFoster Aug 21, 2017
I expect a bādāšš Hiccup to fly in. Please don't disappoint me, Author-chan
WritersBlock1103 WritersBlock1103 Nov 17, 2017
Hiccup: you seemed kinda occupied banishing me, so I didn't have time