Hello again

Hello again

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howtotrainyourotp By perfectjackson_httyd Updated Nov 16, 2015

Hiccup has been banished from Berk becouse of his bond with the dragons, and gotta come back in 5 years according to a stupid law. 
See how it goes with the people of Berk when he is gone, and when he comes back!;) 

*it starts after Toothless saved Hiccup from the Monsterous Nightmare, just so you know*

So... Hope you enjoy:)

Also paw is paw and claw is claw.... You see where I'm going because stoiCK WONT WHEN I ATTACK HIM WITH MY DRAGONS CLAWS
soloangeloshipper soloangeloshipper Sep 20, 2016
Ummm.... because you're a dickbasket who dosen't deserve the time of DAY , let alone the knowledge of how to get to the dragon's nest
ambi2006 ambi2006 Aug 15, 2016
Stoik didn't even care for HICCUP until he came first on dragon training!!!!! 😤😬😡😠😾
soloangeloshipper soloangeloshipper Sep 20, 2016
If he's banished then he doesn't have to listen to your laws anymore so ha
friking-awsom-kitten friking-awsom-kitten Aug 23, 2016
Fricking-awesome-kitten has now come to behold your book. Lets see what you got here
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Jun 25, 2016
Many reasons, actually. It would go on for thirteen pages. Maybe even fourteen.