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A Young Mate (ON HOLD)

A Young Mate (ON HOLD)

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Holly Ryan ;p By XhollyryanX Updated May 16, 2015

Alexandra Deir is 12 years old, just living a normal preteen life. She has a tough past and present, and middle school isn't helping.

Xavier Scorcher is 18, and in no way living a normal life. As Alpha of all packs in North America, life is full of stress and confusion. What doesn't help is that he hasn't found his mate yet. 

But when he meets a certain middle schooler... The confusion levels skyrocket. Not only for Xavier, but for Alex as well. To add to that, Alex turns out to be the most important werewolf in history, claiming to save them all. Save them all- from what? 

Alex's powers show up, not only dazing her but her mate as well. As for mates- what will happen there? Will Alex accept him? And what lengths will Xavier go to protect his young mate?





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A/N: I am extremely ashamed of my horrible writing job. I refuse to read over the chapters I've written, but trust me that it does get remotely better as you go. Please give it a chance, be a nice person, and enjoy (no matter how hard it may be)!

alauranichole alauranichole Jun 10, 2016
I do that but only cause i live in the South aide of Fort Wayne
vhobiv vhobiv Jul 16, 2016
Is it possible to become a guidance counsler and a musican and the same time.....? Cause I wanna be both
vhobiv vhobiv Jul 16, 2016
That moment when you realize your socially awkward. That's me
ThatOneLittleBunny ThatOneLittleBunny Jul 13, 2016
Well if she is twelve it is perfectly fine with calling a probably 16 year old mr.wolfie because that is absolutely  normal.
xoxselfiexox xoxselfiexox Jul 23, 2016
I had a six pack in grade 6, I liked to work out and did a lot of sports😂.   But now I'm kind of chubby
vhobiv vhobiv Jul 16, 2016
I'm 8th grade and I have a six pack of pack of potato chips and Pocky