love ♡   {catradora}

love ♡ {catradora}

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✨ Sapphic ✨ By queen-sapphic Updated Jul 16

A female by the name of Catra turned the age of 18, was kicked from her foster home,The Horde, to live her "adult" life. Thing is...she doesn't know what to do,she never even thought of what she yearned to do in her future. So,as an unfortunate result,she ends up homeless. On the streets,sleeping on local store benches and stealing as much food that could last her at least an hour. And she always felt something that was out of place,something that needed to be there but wasn't there exactly. It was weird for her considering she thought she didn't need anybody or even that missing piece to her.

However,another female by the name of Adora,is a successful college student and plays football as her major. She is popular and has many,many friends,such as Glimmer,Bow,Perfuma,Frosta,Scorpia,and more! Though,the blonde always felt something was missing, like a piece of her puzzle was gone,removed. And it was weird for her too because she had gotten a lot of the attention and thought she didn't have anything missing.

These two girls are COMPLETE opposites. And it takes one confrontation to bring the two females close together. What will happen? Will love blossom? Will tension grow? We will never know...♡