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Baby on my Doorstep

Baby on my Doorstep

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HopeLoveClarity By HopeLoveClarity Updated Mar 12, 2013

“I’ll get it!” I shouted loudly and skipped down the hall to the front door. When I opened it, I looked around, but no one was there. A loud cry sliced through the silence on my porch, and I looked down to see a baby in an old, beat up laundry basket.  Surprised and somewhat panicked, I looked around to see if this was some sick joke, or if maybe someone forgot something in their car and went to get it, but my street was empty of any signs of life and the winter air was chilling, there was no wonder people weren’t outside. The tiny baby was wrapped in a thin blue blanket, with nothing but a little tag that read: Dashiell, born 7/9/12 in sloppy writing. Again I looked around before hesitantly scooping the small being in my arms and dragging the carrier behind me, the cries finally stopping with the feel of my warmth wrapped around him. “What’s taking so long?” Shiloh called from the living room. Without a word I slowly walked into the room and stood in front of her, the baby boy nestling into the crook of my arm.  “Awwwwwe how cute! Lemme see! Whose baby is it?” I just stared at her blankly, unsure of what to say, but instead of saying anything I pulled the bin from behind me and blinked at it a few times, trying to register what had just happened. A few moments passed, filled with silence and many looks of confusion and deep thought.  “Cadence? Where’s the baby from?” She asked again, and I realized that there wasn’t silence, but I had tuned her out. “I- I don’t know.”   * Cadence Mathis was having a normal girls' day with her best friend, when the doorbell rang. Who would expect a baby on their doorstep? There were so many what-if's and Oh-my's and Holy-crap-what-do-I-do's going through her brain, all while her parents ignored her calls. Though she fights against getting attached to the little one, what willl happen when her parents come home and their reaction isn't so sweet? This isn't any average teen mom story

YasmineZamudio YasmineZamudio Jul 05, 2016
Love it so far, but that lady who cheeked her out really had no right to lecture her about any of that stuff regardless if it's her child(cadence's) or not.
HopeLoveClarity HopeLoveClarity Apr 25, 2013
@mimiluv23 Thank you soo much!! Getting comments like that really make my day, and I'm so thrilled that you like it :D
mimiluv23 mimiluv23 Apr 10, 2013
OMG!!! I just started reading this story and fell in love with it... BEST story I have read so far... love it and keep up with the amazing job.. love it :Dk
HopeLoveClarity HopeLoveClarity Feb 24, 2013
@xXxBolaBearXxX Yeah, it was >.< sorry haha :p thank you!! :D
xXxBolaBearXxX xXxBolaBearXxX Feb 19, 2013
Omg sooooo cute but I did think the rant was a bit long but still awesome with it ; )