The Young Luna

The Young Luna

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She was 12 when he found her. She was beautiful, and he knew that one day he would call her his. But he would have to wait... Until now.


Amelia Hart is the mate of Alpha Daniel, the leader of one of the biggest Werewolf Packs in the world. For two years now she has been hoping to have more time with her family, just one more day. But her luck runs out when the Alpha shows up at her house one day, claiming its time for her to come with him to run the pack. To become the Luna.

Werewolves exposed themselves to humans awhile back but that doesn't mean everything is fine. Humans fear werewolves, fear their unnatural strength and speed. They fear what they do to the human race. She's about to be thrown into a whole new world, with new people, new problems and new enemies. Little does she know she is more important then she ever thought she could be in the Werewolf World.

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