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His Maid { Nalu Fanfiction }

His Maid { Nalu Fanfiction }

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Jʊռɢҡօօҡ • Naʀʊɦɨռa ʄaռ By Gruvia3867 Updated Nov 27, 2016

PROLOUGE  Lucy Heartfilia is a top-rank student in Fairytail Academy. She was just a normal student yet, has lots of friends. She's wearing some glasses yet she's cute.  But... Lucy was just alone. Her mother and Father died when she was 4 years old so she's been living all by herself. One day, she decided to take a job at the agency but she was fired... That was the only thing that can make her live  So she decided to look for a job that is right for her.All stores, she has applied, she never got accepted. Even ONE of them. Then, when she prayed, the answer is there.  They we're looking for a maid in the house and she was accepted!   Next day, she met Natsu Dragneel, the hottest boy in the school. She was love at first sight to him. But she knew that she doesn't have a chance.  When she got home to her work, (she's living in there now), she saw Natsu in there!  (what will happen???? Find out XD)

- - Feb 10, 2016
10/10 Introduction; would subscribe; like; follow; comment 
                              {It's so cheerful imagine someone coming up to you with the sweetest smile saying, 
                              "Hi! I'm [blah]! My parents are dead! Want ice cream?!"}
xarlyGD xarlyGD Jun 06, 2016
                              R.I.P gajeel ft chapter 488 😢💀
Nummin Nummin Mar 29, 2016
Why does she work there if she knows she couldn't handle it I mean cmon' it's common sense.
harthart800 harthart800 Apr 03, 2016
Hottest? Seriously? Gray-sama was the hottest, ya know! But in this story,,, I think I may accept Natsu was.
Corventina Corventina Mar 12, 2016
*Robot Voice* Oh... Imagine that... There are Families is a place called Family Restaurant... *Normal Voice* Srsly.
AnimeSlayer66 AnimeSlayer66 Feb 20, 2016
Good plot and story line. Wished it had better grammar and spelling, though, and the smiley faces with the Japanese references like 
                              "-chan" or "-kun"
                              . . .
                              Sorry, I'm a nerd. . .
                              But good book.