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Two persons' sitting in a cafe ,
Ankita is definitely very nervous and
Abhi is determined to make her yes

Ankita:  Listen I'm a widow
Abhi:  I know that.

Ankita:   Why u need to marry a person who don't believe in a relationship and nor in love
Abhi:   Nobody can live without relationships and I can't live without yours,  and I can assure you my love is enough for both of us.

Ankita:   Listen it is important, may be in future we can't have children
 Abhi:  I'm not impotent we can get checked if you want and he laughed naughtily and said wow u are thinking about the children already; that's good and winked;

Ankita:   She looked in horror  - no I am saying at the time of my first pregnancy I lost a lot of blood and then (she has tears in her eyes which she wiped as soon as she can)
Abhi:   He noticed, but sensing that he can't do anything at this moment just said
I will never need children to complete ourselves, I can assure that


Ankita:   I am not beautiful, and a handsome person like u,  why you want    to marry me.

Abhi:    Wow, that's great, u noticed me so much (I am so glad) , anyways to answer your question you won't like my honest answer but so let's stick to the old proverb "Beauty  is in the eye of beholder"

Ankita   I m not a virgin and u don't deserve a person who is broken, who has trust issues, my body and heart have more scar marks of my past.
Abhi    Join me in this journey and I promise I will make them fade away, and virginity I doesn't matter. it is u and me matter together

Two people, who are poles apart, one who seeks good in everything and the other is just distraught of the hardships she has faced all throughout her life.

But one bond tied them together Marriage. Will they be able to cope with each other or will fall apart?

Come, join me and let's try to find out in their journey called, 
Finding Good In Goodbyes.