Loki x Reader

Loki x Reader

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Shandi Hatake By ShandiLaufeyHatake Completed

You were mistakenly taken to Asgard and are stuck now for eternity. Bright side is Friga let's you live there with them but with only one request.... you must check on Loki and keep him company.

(I don't own any character * although I wish I owned Loki*) 

(quick note as well, I never expected this story to be this popular, I appreciate every single one of you. Also I am aware there are word/name errors. Just enjoy the story 😀)

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King_Skyler King_Skyler Sep 12
HEY I live in New Mexico and honestly loved when they filmed here cause I knew he little town my cousin lived there
Cell 68? Why not cell 69 if ya kno wat i mean *insert rape face*
FactsIsLife FactsIsLife Aug 15
I'm sarcastic most of the times, but sometimes I very dead serious.
So I was listening to my Eurovision playlist..And This is love(Greece's entry) just came on
Virgil-sanders11 Virgil-sanders11 Jul 21, 2016
Is there a sequel if so can someone tell me the name of it I can't find it
RandumFandumFanfics RandumFandumFanfics Aug 29, 2016
I don't even think the writing is that good tbh but it's fanfic so I'm here for storyline and future lemon warning in the description