stir crazy | s. rogers

stir crazy | s. rogers

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kj By rogersvibe Updated Oct 22, 2020

earth's mightiest heroes; they're pretty much unstoppable. from punching aliens to saving the world... is there anything they can't do?

that's what everyone thought. but when a deadly virus strikes the earth, not even aliens want to risk invading a sickened planet.

because of the new circumstances, the avengers are now forced into quarantine. stuck in stark tower. only an inch away from going insane, if they haven't already.

      "2020 sucks."

                                                       "earth sucks."

      "what's new there?"

but, the avengers aren't alone. matti, a specially skilled shield agent who has tight-knit friendship with the team, gets dragged into the chaos against her will.

will covid-19 spark new relationships amongst the team? will they run with it or fight it?

      "is this love, agent graham?"

                                                             "i don't believe in love."

       "your world in the balance, 
       and you bargain for one man. 
        it's really not that complicated."

[ all character rights go to marvel, but matti is my original character ]
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