Dark Heroes Forever (Under Revision)

Dark Heroes Forever (Under Revision)

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Susan Ward By SusanWard Updated Dec 27, 2017

[Currently being rewritten]


"There are some great people in this world, the people who put others before themselves, and the people who would die to protect you, like soldiers. Frankly, these stories I'm about to tell you have nothing to do with soldiers. Sorry to disappoint. These are focused on heroes, not like normal every day heroes. I'm talking about super heroes, the ones you read about, or the ones you watched on Saturday mornings while eating sugary cereal. When I was a little girl, I had always wanted to meet one, an actual one. I never thought one day that dream would come true. I didn't think it was actually possible to gain powers, I thought the freak accidents only existed in the comic books. My name is Stevie Jones, and this is how I became a hero. The stories you are about to read are all true. Love, loss, and adventure are just the start. Brace yourself."

In the year of 2077, where time travel is alive and progressing, nineteen-year-old Stevie Jones suddenly changes her life when she messes with a time machine, giving her unbelievable abilities she never knew were possible to gain. Coming upon the realization that she is a "Deviant" ,  she initiates a search to find a hero who once saved her life from a mugging. But this mysterious savior, who goes by the name of "The Dark Hero", has a secret. Upon finding him, she is thrown into a world of heroes, villains, assassins, robots, and much more.

If you like super heroes, action, adventure, and villains with stupid and stereotypical names, then this book is for you.


WARNING: This book contains violence and language. Reader discretion is advised. 

© 2017, Susan Ward

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