Nikki's College Bad boy

Nikki's College Bad boy

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✿ฺ❤RainbowGirl❤✿ฺ By Liyadorbs Updated a day ago

Falling in love with a guy like him was the last thing I ever wanted and eversince it happened everything has become slightly complicated. I never knew my best friend was in love with him, his best friend was in love with my best friend. His crazy ex girlfriend is after me and I once had a weirdo in my life who by any cost wants me beneath him. And when everything finally falls into place, a person from my past comes out from nowhere and wants to take me away. What am I supposed to do?!

         This book is about a cheerleader and basketball player falling in love. Well I don't wanna give any spoilers but what if it was all a 'lie'. You don't understand to find out😉.

Lots Of Love

- Liyadorbs😘