jaspar shorts compilation✔️

jaspar shorts compilation✔️

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haley. By allwedontdo Completed

Compilation of one shots surrounding one of my favorite YouTube OTP.

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started september 7, 2014
ended january 21, 2016

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iroas_lykos iroas_lykos May 13, 2017
Isn't that a severe temperature that if you have it you need to go to the hospital or is that 104.6 I don't remember
okay-se okay-se Jun 25, 2016
Thermometer? Yes. We need to clarify he is sick after he puked out a small country. Okay.
lwthsmedicine lwthsmedicine Apr 03, 2016
THANK YOU you don't understand how many books I have to miss because of the triggers in it omg
norskefanfictions norskefanfictions Jul 18, 2016
I THOUGHT IT STOOD: Before he was able to comprehend what he was doing, his hands were in Joe's pants
TragedyTurtle2 TragedyTurtle2 Jul 03, 2016
I thought it said "Hey JoJo. Is your dick ok?" and I was like waIT WOT
maddiemalfoyy maddiemalfoyy Jan 23, 2017