Lashton Smut One-Shots

Lashton Smut One-Shots

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♢ A.M. ♢ By ChasingLuke Updated Sep 08, 2014

Hello. This is my first book, although it's primarily smut one-shots; as you can tell in the title.

I am open to requests, but I have one rule:

Luke tops.

If you don't like that, I'm sorry. This is my book though, and you don't have to read it if you don't like my ideas. If you're alright with that rule, feel free to comment/message me for requests.


Explicit Sexual Situations (Obviously)

Strong Language/Swearing


(Possible) Self Harm

(Possible) Eating Disorders

And most likely, there will be kinky fetishes in some one-shots.

If a one-shot contains any of the things featured above, I will warn you at the beginning of the one-shot. I just thought you'd like a brief overview of things to expect while reading this.

Thank you all for your time. I love you. (♡‿♡)

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- - Sep 11
I wish I could rewind all the times that I did and show you what you're really worth.
I'm now just imagining a chicken climbing out of Ashton's pants wHy
- - Sep 11
What's this water stuff coming out of my eyes. This has never happened plz help.
Gggirl1224 Gggirl1224 Jul 10, 2016
For all you ppl who are like Ashton I will be ur Luke 
                              Well not like ur boyfriend but someone to bring you up
                              *high five*
How can smol Ashton top? Answer: he can't, he doesn't. LUKE TOPS PEOPLE
IHateLuke666 IHateLuke666 Sep 24, 2016
I don't need to read ANYTHING OF THIS STORY TO SAY, ILY!!!! :3