Long Forgotten (OHSHC) - Completed

Long Forgotten (OHSHC) - Completed

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Alessia Kyouya By AlessiaKyouya Completed

Won 3rd place twice for OHSHC Watty Awards. 

Originally known as 'Life In First School' :)

Arisa Hitori has never been to a school before since she's always been home-tutored.
Now as she enters Ouran Academy, she wonders what will awaits her. 
New friends? Telling of Secrets? or worst? When her past that she has forgotten 11years ago is coming back to haunt her?

KaoruxOC and a little of HaruhixTamaki (if possible for me)xp
It's my first time writing a love story so I hope it's nice.

Please comment and vote for me! Though it may be weird, but your reviews would give me more motivations and perhaps ideas!

***Disclaimer: I do not own any characters of OHSHC as well as its original plot and story. They belong to the original Author! I only own my own characters and plot! Thank you. :)

Borderline_Fluffnutt Borderline_Fluffnutt Aug 27, 2016
Why does she have blue hair? Everyone else in the OHSHC universe has natural coloured hair. Did she dye it or is there a special reason why it's that colour? I'm not trying to pry it's just a little confusing to me 😓
_RedRiddingHood_ _RedRiddingHood_ Jun 22, 2016
it's a bit weird for me to read when there are words in Japanese, but other than that everything seems normal and interesting :D
AnimeBeatsReality AnimeBeatsReality Jul 30, 2016
Is it sad that I don't even know my own blood type but I do hate waking up early so that's a clue lol
When I was in the third year of middle school, I still got lost, and it's not even that big
WaterProof1126 WaterProof1126 Aug 14, 2016
Here I am typing Run while you can but tbh I would go to the host club willingly
graffittifreak graffittifreak Oct 08, 2016
I'm jealous I wish I only read about school no fair 😢😢😢