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Emily By Karategirl124 Completed

I was sitting on a bench at a bus stop, with no idea how I got there or why,  only that I was supposed to be there. My head hurt and my mind was fuzzy, and I couldn't remember anything. 

Frantically, I searched my brain for something that would make sense of the situation. This is what I came up with:
My name was Ella. I was female.
That's where the personal information ended. I was waiting for a buss that would take me where I belonged, where there would be other kids like me. That's where the situational information ended. I had abilities that no one could no the full extent of, and if another kid found out, someone would gladly kill me because of it. I was in danger at all times. Lastly, I could control the elements.

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this is getting interesting..... imma add this in my library...
I’m reading this book because my names Ella, no other reason.
Hushm_Kun Hushm_Kun Apr 10
Am I the only one who thought of "Boku no hero Academia " ?!!!!
dreamico dreamico Sep 17
Okay~ this bus must be the same bus that goes to superhero academy in the movie
Takoyaki04 Takoyaki04 Jul 14
These moon phases would have come in handy it I found this book sooner
dreamico dreamico Sep 17
"Whose parents don't want them anymore" okay.. That kinda sad