The Outlands

The Outlands

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Zac Andrews By ZacAndrews Updated Aug 01

The old world was destroyed, and from the ashes a new one has been built. 

After a cataclysmic meteor storm, that caused unrivalled death and destruction, Earth has been divided into a collection of distinct factions. Each one vying for their own control and security in the face of an ever changing new world. Caught in the crossfire is Liam. A young man who's life is turned upside-down after a devastating and unexplained attack on his people. Along with a mysterious boy from outside the border, he must fight to survive as he tries to find a way home after being thrown out into this unfamiliar, unforgiving world.

Meanwhile detective Vivian Reeves from the Central Coalition, must track Liam down and bring him to safety, while simultaneously attempting to answer some of the bigger questions. Who launched the attack and why did they do it? Who is this mysterious boy, and what does he have to do with all this? How much danger is everyone in?

Along the way, both Liam and Vivian begin to piece together parts of a much greater narrative that threatens to reshape the world and throw it into chaos once again.

Cover art created for me by Titanarabi on Fiver.