The Golden Wolf God (The Golden Series Book #1)[Wattys2016]

The Golden Wolf God (The Golden Series Book #1)[Wattys2016]

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Blue Toxic By Thedeepwater Completed

"I'm only crazy for you," he said with a smoldering look in his golden eyes. "I have lived an eternity thinking that I was meant to be alone, that gods do not get to have mates like only your kind do. But now I know that's not true, I have you, and I don't want to waste time without you." ~ Graham Walker.

Nora Hills' story was simple, go out to celebrate her birthday, get with the sexiest man in the club and go back to her comfortable life selling baked goods for a living.

But life always manages to complicate itself, especially around Graham Walker. In the literal sense, the man is a god. He is what the legends call The Golden Wolf, a creature of myth, forgotten by time and like all gods cursed to wander alone through their existence. Yet, for some reason, neither of them fully understood, their attraction rivaled that of other wolves.

What was meant to be a one night fling soon turns Nora's life upside down as Graham infiltrates her life in every way possible. He creates turmoil within her, as he fights to win over her trust, her heart, and soul.

On top of pack drama, our heroine will have to deal with the ancient Order of Alkos who is trying to control Graham in hopes of exterminating all magical beings. It's not easy being mated to a god, especially when his enemies think you are the best bait. After all, where there is love, there is potential for exploitable weakness. Too bad this soft spot comes with fangs. 

Their action-packed adventure will be a test of power, strength, will, souls and love. 

Cover Art by Blue Toxic. (AKA me)

Sequel of, "The Golden Wolf God," "The Dragon"  is posted so you will have more of this couple once you finish this story.


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mentalchick mentalchick 4 days ago
So far I've only read the description of your story and i love it. I usually don't comment and vote but I'm super excited to read your book
haygurlhay457 haygurlhay457 Jan 17, 2017
Someone correct me if im wrong but i did the math and if the mom wrote 100 letters..she would get the last one when shes about 111...
JINUtheDEVIL JINUtheDEVIL Jul 27, 2016
It's the first book in which he gurl goes out for one night stand not boys I will love this book
divyadiaz divyadiaz Apr 29, 2016
Uh that's the definition of a ONE NIGHT STAND!!  No communication after that
paigelikeabook paigelikeabook Aug 22, 2015
Thank you for not starting it with an alarm clock or " I should introduce myself, I'm _______  & im a werewolf".   Thank you!!