Adopted by troyler

Adopted by troyler

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Ashlynn By oursecondtroyler Completed

An average 14 year old girl runs away from home after feeling unwanted and unloved. Tina is wandering the streets of California when a dating couple (Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan) takes her home with them, then the gay family was created.

When Tina goes undercover as a fangirl, and develops quick feelings for a girl, Tyler and Troye are there the whole time behind the scenes.

With many ups and downs, Tyler and Troye will stick together with Tina and continue their life.

This is their life, behind the camera.

Oh, so you have Step-Douche?
                              Anyone who gets that reference gets whatever emoji they want me to send them. 😜
that girl is a complete brat just because her dad is making her do chores? there are way worse parents out there.
Keeeevvvvvvviiiiiiiinnnnnnnn anyone else think of the twilight saga bad lip reading 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
- - Jan 20
my eyes are watering slightly. Sadly im an emotionless robot rainbow magic un icorn turtle with human intelligence
Holly_Louise_xoxo Holly_Louise_xoxo Jun 07, 2015
This is so weird! My mum is called Tina and my dad is called Kevin! :0
_ashlan _ashlan Sep 06, 2014
Tbh she was kinda being a bltch to him but it's pretty good! ❤️