Dark Depths

Dark Depths

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Lani Lenore By Lani_Lenore Updated Apr 26

**PUBLISHING 6/20/2017** Mermaids are soulless, flesh-eating monsters of the sea, wicked in all ways-but some are born with more humanity.

Nathaniel Thomas believes in monsters. He's seen his share since joining the pirate crew of the Blood-Red Siren. Tales are rampant, especially of mermaids-the deep sea nymphs. With their hypnotic songs, they lure ships to crash and then feast on those aboard, stealing the seed from a man's loins while drinking down his blood. But Nathan has learned not to believe in things he hasn't seen with his own eyes.

All of that seems foolish when he witnesses hideous, scaly-skinned abominations peeling the flesh from his shipmates, but Nathan manages to avoid death. He is rescued by a similar creature, and though he is wary of her, he soon finds that she is nothing like her kin. 
He calls her his Treasure, and she is beautiful beyond anything he's ever seen. There is goodness in her. He knows they do not belong together, but she will not leave him. Likewise, he cannot purge her from his thoughts.

Nathan is introduced to truths he never would have believed, to a love he never thought possible, and to a war that he could not anticipate. There are secrets and horrors in the dark depths, and he is out to uncover them, even if the truth costs him his own humanity.

Dark, frightening, and erotic, DARK DEPTHS is a retelling of The Little Mermaid.

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Natashke_SP Natashke_SP Jul 05, 2016
Well written. Good start. Enjoyed it thoroughly. It this what they mean by the luring in chapter, its got me hooked!
JamellaHill JamellaHill Feb 16, 2015
Glad to have u back!!!!! I've been following your works since Nevermor and when I purchased Forsaken Dreamscape, I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read this one.
thecatwhisper12345 thecatwhisper12345 Nov 27, 2014
I know someone with the name Nathan... He's actually a good friend of mine and I'm just picturing him doing this - I will forever be picturing the main character as the person I know... This happens all the time with the books I read ! 
thecatwhisper12345 thecatwhisper12345 Nov 27, 2014
This is amazingly well written. 
                              I aspire to have works as well written as yours.  I love how you tell the story of the scene and not just the characters. 
                              But can you keep it up throughout the whole story? 
                               ( I can't wait to find out...)
chibijeshka chibijeshka Sep 14, 2014
You have such poetic writing, it dances and flows on the page (or rather, screen). I cant wait until it gets published physically.  I own every other book you have 
WriterAtHeart96 WriterAtHeart96 Sep 14, 2014
The story is amazing and well written, you've even succeed in the pirate accent
                              I LOVE it
                              And I'll buy the paperback when you make it :D