The Art of Magnificently Falling |  ✎

The Art of Magnificently Falling | ✎

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sea | on a writing break By seashards Updated Nov 24

River Carson likes to think she has everything under control but the truth is she's falling. Falling apart. With an agonizing past and a reserved personality, River is just trying to get through life unscathed. Her focus is on graduating without attracting any attention along with raising her siblings. She's certainly not looking for trouble or a relationship for that matter. Well, that's up until she's gets partnered up with Asher Matthews, star on UCLA's swim team for a psychology project. Distracted by Asher's charm and gentleness, River is unsure whether or not she wants to stay hidden.

Asher Matthews feels like he's missing something. Straight A student and star on UCLA's swim team, he yearns for something more. When he's partnered up with River for a psychology project, he feels there's more than what meets the eye. Asher is captivated by her and will stop at nothing until he figures her out.

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