Forever Bitten (Ereri Zambie Apocalypse AU)

Forever Bitten (Ereri Zambie Apocalypse AU)

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Yaoi Enthusiast By wen_ur_actual_trash Updated Aug 14

During the first few days of the outbreak of a deadly disease that turned humans into decaying cannibals, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and his little sister were on their own, trying their best to survive on the run. But something horrible happens, and Eren is split up from his two best friends and sister. 

For years, he's forced to defend himself, alone and afraid. What happens after such a long time of not seeing any other humans, and he suddenly discovers a group of survivors willing to help him out? And what happens when a certain frustratingly emotionless man takes the time to break down the walls Eren had managed to build after being on his own for so long?

Sorry guys, just like many other talented authors out there, I am horrible at discriptions, so if you would, please give this story a chance, and you might just discover a decent book for you to read! I promise I'll try my best to make sure that you don't regret it ;) I love you all <3

None of the pieces of art or characters mentioned and/or shown in this book belong to me, nor does Shingekyo no Kyojin (the anime of which the characters come from). The plot is the only thing made of my own accord :D


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