Her Omega

Her Omega

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Cracked_Darkness By Cracked_Darkness Updated Jun 15, 2015

So you've gotten bored of the cliche were books, have you? Me too, but luckily there's this.
Born omega of his pack, Hade goes through hell everyday. Beaten by his pack members and tortured by his alpha, Hades is too weak to leave let alone defend himself. Until, that is, he's forced. 

Artemis, named after the goddess of the hunt, is the most ruthless and cut throat pack in the worlds alpha. 
Believed to be mateless, she tries to dedicate her extra time to being alpha. 

That is until she finds her weak rouge mate wandering in her territory.

kendra31673 kendra31673 May 31
U FAKE B*TCK I hope you step on a GIGANTIC lego and I hope someone pisses in your cereal
emmagoR5 emmagoR5 Jul 18
At least you have one thing over him you have a better name 
                              Sorry to anyone with the name Sean but I dislike that name you can have Shawn but not Sean
I love how without even knowing her the comment section goes insane...
iCraveTheHate iCraveTheHate Dec 11, 2016
Everyone saying he's blue is trifling!😂😭😭😂😭😂😭😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
LionAnderson LionAnderson Jul 09, 2016
First Girlxboy book in years!!! Been hooked on GXG call me nasty but eh. This book is gr8!
addisisstupidname addisisstupidname Jun 07, 2016
I'm confused as to why there's only 8 parts and the book isn't marked as completed🤔🤔