Who Says We Can't?

Who Says We Can't?

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Amanda and Simone are the perfect girls. They are smart, they do sports, they are in a rock band together and have the perfect bodies.

Even better? They are twins.

Interesting enough, they are both bi-sexual. Though soon, Amanda get's a serious boyfriend which makes Simone feel troubled about her relationship with her sister especially after what they've gone through in the past few years. 

Highschool, relationships, love and maturity.

Behind every bright smile there's a story. Care to find out?


Yeah so this is my new story which I think is going to be great. Looking forward to it.

By the way, I don't own any of the songs I'm using. The rights go to their artists and producers so I'm just using them for my story's benefit,

Kewk :3

  • lesbian
  • music
  • sport
  • tragedy
  • twins
Me in fifth grade: and bows the part where you eat my puss- OH HEY MOM!
Pride_Eye Pride_Eye Jun 12
well I guess I will never have my first kiss and and will always be a virgin
😂😂😂 such a jump. I love the story so far tho, you write a lot better than I do. I gave up on my story but my friend told me not to delete it👌
mcnuttm mcnuttm Apr 22
Okay, I know they're in 5th grade and all, and that it's not that bad to curse....but seriously? They can curse, but don't know about making out?
GHUUUHH I'm kinda cringing right now, not because they're both girls or sisters but just the whole explanation part is making it cringy and its dragging out the awkwardness😂😂
ryuxramos ryuxramos Jul 26, 2016
Yes just like eating something out, I wonder why it's worded like that...