Princess of Darkness

Princess of Darkness

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Maya Rose By Werewolfluver1 Updated Dec 01

Raven Sapphire Skylark Jackson, she once was a normal little girl... Now, she's a killing machine. 

Raven, being a devil/werewolf takes pleasure killing, she thinks it fun... Maybe that's her devil talking, maybe it's her. Her favourite way of killing someone, is burning them with her fire powers and hearing them scream.

When she was young, she was taken from her parents and was brought up with rouges surrounding her. Now, she is working for the rouge king, Caspian, killing off anyone he asks.

But when she meets this man, it lights a different kind of fire, she's never felt this way towards someone before, what does this mean?

Pinkypix2 Pinkypix2 Mar 16
LOL(what is a mate?) I like how you build up a setting instead of putting too much dialogue, it's good storytelling! Hey can you checkout my new book please? It's in my profile.