Savage Desires

Savage Desires

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Kenz By PrinceKenzie Completed

First book in The Blood Moon series

Caspar Callahan was invisible to the people around him almost his whole life. At the age of five, his parents get brutally murdered as he was forced to watch. With no relatives, he was placed in a foster home. The police questioned him, but he knew better and didn't say a word. With the sinister voice warning him not to speak implanted in his memory he hasn't said a word since that day. The minute he turned eighteen, Caspar took his little girl Mila and they fell off the grid. Now at the age of twenty two he graduated from online college with a degree in Art Education and got his own little house with his girl. Unfortunately for Caspar, he was so busy looking over his shoulder that he runs into the one thing he was running away from.

Ryker Savage is a man of many means. He is a dominating Alpha male and runs the biggest pack in the UK without love or regret. His last name suits him well because he's the most feared man in his country. He kills his enemies and anyone who gets in his way without mercy and he smiles while he does it. He's been this way ever since he turned twenty, four years ago. The years slowly passed him by as he stood there and watched his pack members slowly find their mates and start families. He grew bitter and hateful to his pack yet he couldn't help but feel happy for them. His conflicting emotions cause fits of rage that could destroy small towns and they have once or twice, but when his mate gives him a bloody nose Ryker realizes he needs to change his ways.

Their desires for each other turn savage as their past comes to haunt them both.

  • abuse
  • alpha
  • chasing
  • crazy
  • daughter
  • deaf
  • death
  • fear
  • fluff
  • gay
  • love
  • manxman
  • mute
  • piercings
  • savage
  • sick
  • tattoos
  • trust
  • werewolf
Mad extra lil nigga ain't even alive and you still tryna kill him
I know I should find this funny but i do, the innocence is too real😭😭😂😂
tiffanyyh62 tiffanyyh62 Nov 29
I would rather they kill me then live with that trauma..... but Cas is strong and he will get through this .... damn no wonder he went mute
Welp I was eating noodles while procrastinating my November report back to work it is my eyes are scarred my brain distraught I feel sick the ramen is cold I can't do this bye!
goosies21 goosies21 4 days ago
This is so disgusting. Those peaces of trash are DISGUSTING!!😡😡😡😡😡
galaxyoffantasies galaxyoffantasies 6 days ago
It’s a really sad start. But the book is great so far. I hope he gets a happy ending. I swear I can’t stop crying 😭