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KENZIE By kenzie1010 Updated Feb 06, 2011

with her parents dead and the last of her kind marie must marry the prince to keep the blood line going but still follow her job as the only demon princess and soon to be queen. but what happens when marie does not fall in love with the prince and falls in love with what she thinks to be human and can not possibly make the blood line. and with un-explaining dreams to marie's life can only get more confusing when the human she loves but will not confess finds out the truth about her, and she finds something about him too!!!!

  • blood
  • demon
  • evan
  • husband
  • kyle
  • marie
  • queen
  • vampire
  • werewolf
Unpolished_Jen Unpolished_Jen Feb 06, 2011
Again, punctuation.
                              It's a good chapter, but sometimes these mistake can lead away from the story.
                              Also, i suggest you make a longer chapter because your story is very interesting (;
                              I think you should engage us more for us to know what's going on ^__^
                              Hope this helped.
Unpolished_Jen Unpolished_Jen Feb 06, 2011
Check out your punctuation, i see a lot of them!
                              My advice is to read over because i can see alot.
                              Heres a tip:
                              Always for but, you use a comma before it.
dreamy_ dreamy_ Feb 06, 2011
Your Dialog needs some work.
                              BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY STORY
                              DESPICABLE US
                              Please please please! :) since I checked out yours!