My Beautiful Nerd | JM

My Beautiful Nerd | JM

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min By kouumin Updated Mar 21

Park Jimin.

Just thinking of it makes me throw up. He is just one of those jerks who plays with girls hearts. I hate it. He is the most popular in the school. I may be simply a nerd but I know way more than just school.

Charismatic? Handsome? Cute? Sweet? Don't make me laugh! I'm his next target, aye? Think again Park Jimin, you have made an mistake.

ducktael ducktael Jun 29
lol i think the word you were looking for was husky. that line changed me forever
-mimuki -mimuki Feb 20
Aw Taehyung you are so cute making A tiny paper airplane I can just imagine him doing that *-*....
Namjoon broke three pencils and here i am cant even break a pencil ✏️
namshiat namshiat Mar 20
I'm surprised namjoon didn't break the table and his hand in the process
I'm surprised Rapmon broke ONLY 3 pencils *claps like a seal* 
                              Well done, Namjoon!
ducktael ducktael Jun 29
at first i thought this was in all jimins pov and then i was like "UWAAHH JIMINSS GAY" at the end I was like.. Oh.