My Beautiful Nerd | JM

My Beautiful Nerd | JM

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Park Jimin.

Just thinking of it makes me throw up. He is just one of those jerks who plays with girls hearts. I hate it. He is the most popular in the school. I may be simply a nerd but I know way more than just school.

Charismatic? Handsome? Cute? Sweet? Don't make me laugh! I'm his next target, aye? Think again Park Jimin, you have made an mistake.

Xiuanela Xiuanela Jul 19
AHAHA 3 Pencils 😂 
                              I thought he would have broken the Chair and the desk
is this girl me? 'cause thus often happens to me and my parents which is separated both don't have time for me. yay just great
I thought it said Insta I was like what does Instagram have to do with th is
Story time:
                              I was a new girl at my school and no one talked to me except for one girl. Everyone bullied me except her and when she saw then she told them to stop, turns out they listened to her because everyone loves a cute popular girl. Seriously, she was the nicest person I knew
but i prefer my future will be happy if my family is around me so ok stop drama bye
Burgundy!! Burgundy!! (Jin and his dad jokes) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂