That Thing

That Thing

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KayyLoveeee By KayyLoveeee Updated Jun 12

This story takes place in 1998.


It's Monday morning and it's a very warm day in Los Angeles. The freshmens, sophomores, juniors and seniors crowded into the halls of Crenshaw High School as the bell rung, signaling that second period is over.

Malaysia Washington watched as the girls in daisy dukes switched towards guys with leathermen jackets on. She does not know what else boys see in those kinds of girls except a piece of ass.

Malaysia walks up to her locker and puts in her combination. She opens her locker door and switches out her books. She closes her locker and becomes face to face with her friend, Jurnee Englewood. 

Jurnee has been Malaysia's friend since middle school. She is a cheerleader and dates one of the most popular football players at Crenshaw, Keenan Simmons. She's very pretty with her light skin and brown, curly hair that's cut into a bob.

"Hey, Malaysia. Where were you before first period?" Jurnee asks as she links her arm with her best friend.

"I was runnin...

kleenda kleenda Jan 14
I don't know y when I saw 1998 o automatically thought they were n the black and white time and they where wearing swirly long skirt😂
averyjordan960 averyjordan960 Dec 04, 2015
Exactly but the music now and days is nothing like the 90s music
SheIsBossXXX SheIsBossXXX Oct 12, 2015
hey, your stories are really good. And i just started a story myself so i was wondering if you could check it out for me and maybe shout it out. thank you.
highonshay highonshay Aug 03, 2015
This seem like it takes place in 2015 cuz it's all still the damn same
snowflakelove1616 snowflakelove1616 Jun 07, 2015
damn she a hoe I'm gonna be a sophomore next year and I'm still a virgin
GoldenMusician GoldenMusician Apr 08, 2015
Even some of the dances we have now were created in the 90s, 80s and further years ago!