Kuroko No Basket - Aomine x Reader ~ Life at Tōō Academy

Kuroko No Basket - Aomine x Reader ~ Life at Tōō Academy

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Sara❤ By Saraa_chan Updated Dec 18, 2015

*Also reader x Akashi
Your Life at Tōō Academy, if you were in Kuroko no Basket.

It just so happens that you've fallen for a particular blue haired idiot.
'The only one who can beat me is me' is all you and your best friend Satsuki hear, from none other than Aomine Daiki.

But it doesn't seem like he cares about anything romantic, or anything at all in fact...
But who knows, love could blossom? ;)

(Akashi x Reader later on)
Written in first person narrative.
 I try to my best to keep the characters 'in-character'. However I apologize if they seem OOC.
Takes place before the Winter cup, during episode 27 to be exact.

My first fanfiction on Wattpad so please be nice! :) Thank for all the support, I appreciate it <3


I'm about to start season 2 but I know everything that happens... My friends are walking spoilers xD
I'm as flat as a board
                              Thought that was 3 years ago
Maicecream Maicecream Oct 14
i havent read it yet but I know this is gonna be great σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡
Well sir no wonder. I just got in to puberty so they're still growing.
Me:someone cute
                              Aomine:*points at himself*me?
                              ME:NO,at satsuki
                              Momoi runs towards us
Joce2649 Joce2649 Nov 15, 2015
I haven't watched all the episodes but I know what happens in the end due to unintentionally reading spoilers.