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The Mute And The Deaf

The Mute And The Deaf

344K Reads 13.9K Votes 22 Part Story
ZEHRA By zehrraa_ Completed

A mute.
A deaf.
And so much more than a love story.

nengi_sarah nengi_sarah Sep 27, 2016
Wow nice story sign language is not that difficult but easy way
DrawingASL DrawingASL Oct 05, 2016
When I was little I couldn't talk so my dad taught me ASL. When I around 11 I started to learn it again. What I use to learn is a website called Lifeprint and a YouTuber called thedailysign.
RoseGold_2 RoseGold_2 Jan 10
I'm in love😍😂. What she said and what he said is something I would say😂😂
EveHelloSweden EveHelloSweden Dec 31, 2016
I just saw the walking dead game season 3, the new frontier. And as soon as I read "With his long brown hair that reached his shoulders" I just thought of Jesus. Like, from the game.
pokemon90eevee pokemon90eevee 7 days ago
i am deaf and i am fluent in sign language but not in talking
heartcheeks29 heartcheeks29 Nov 26, 2016
Eveyones over here like i know sign language. I can barely speak english (as in im just bad at talking)