The Alpha's Rose.

The Alpha's Rose.

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J. Ludwig By iheartZaynM Completed

"Their tongues danced together in a disgusting sort of manner, before he pushed her away and moved on to the next one, they were practically throwing themselves at him without any sort of self-respect. It hurt too much to bear and I couldn't hold it in anymore and finally...I roared."                      

Rose is the mate of one of the most powerful Alpha's in the United States, Jack, happily living together and in love she thinks:

'Can life get any better?' 


Life takes a sudden turn for the worse the day her mate decides to marry two women from a neighboring pack. 

Sitting alone, crying herself to sleep, hiding the pain he's causing her, leaving her in the dark everyone no longer calls her 'Luna'. 

No, she's taken on the title of 'The Alpha's Rose'.                           

Michaelangelo or Mike as everyone calls him is one of the biggest Alphas in the World, not the United States, the World. 

Mateless, wifeless, childless. Everyone constantly tells him to 'get married' or 'settle down' but he believes in waiting for "The One", HIS one. 

He may not have to look so far as petal by petal they lead him to the one called, Rose.                        

Action, romance and passion fill each page in this tale of Love, regret and who could forget, Betrayal.

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-sighsyd -sighsyd Jun 16, 2016
Stupid ass mate who's roses mate!! I hope she gets a second chance mate a better one
Luna_Maximus Luna_Maximus Mar 14, 2015
A lot of werewolf story starts at the main character's waking up  from sleep.... To be honest, I was sick of that kind of stArting ......I'm so glad that this story is different and I like this story till yet.....
Anchoredlove Anchoredlove Mar 28, 2014
I think jack is a bloody ass! WTH he says it as tho it's like, no I'm sorry, it's not you it's me, I got to marry other women. It's not for myself, but wait actually it is. BULLCRAP THAT IDOIT!!!
Peekboo Peekboo May 22, 2013
Cheez that is so heartbreaking. She should kill him in his sleep! But great start
ObstinianWolf ObstinianWolf May 02, 2013
you're a an awesome writer!!! you know? even just in prologue!!! i'm already... curious!!!... keep up the good work!!!
iheartZaynM iheartZaynM Jan 21, 2013
@kraco06 I actually deleted that story due to personal reasons :P and I'll try to upload ASAP :)