Hermione's twin. (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

Hermione's twin. (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)

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No one ever knew about me, Raven Granger. I was always the one who got pushed arond, beaten sometimes, and all because I have learning disabilities. I was never up to the standards of Hermione which is why the family pretend that we're not related, which is not difficult considering that I'm a visual outcast; I have straight black, dark brown and red hair while they have light brown frizzy hair, I have peircing green eyes while they all have dark brown ones, I have vampire-like pale skin where they at least have some colour on them.

When Hermione got her letter everyone was overjoyed, me even. Hermione isn't the kind person that she seems to other people, which is why I'm glad that she leaves for Hogwarts. She uses me as her slave and she beats me up when I don't or can't do something, or even when she can't. She blames me for everything because, apparently, she would be different if I wasn't born.

She bought a lot of books before she started Hogwarts and beat me to a bloody pulp when she couldn't produce a patronus, I awoke from a coma three weeks later because she bashed my head a little too hard on the wall and gave me internal bleeding from the brain which I was incredibly lucky to survive from.

Before her second year she started taking her anger out on me because she was worried that a boy named Ron Weasley didn't like her. With that I didn't need to go to hospital but she did  try to drown me in the bath and I had an asthma attack afterwards..

This is my life from the start of he rthird year at Hogwarts, things are about to change for me.

Do not own Harry Potter or any characters other than Raven.

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