Let's Talk... (GirlxGirl) [TeacherxStudent]

Let's Talk... (GirlxGirl) [TeacherxStudent]

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LeeLee By xhamsterx Updated Jul 28, 2015

Felicia de Pablo is a young girl with tons of luggage. She acts like a total bitch, but has good motives behind her actions. Of course, no one knows and appreciates that. 

Ellie Carter, a typical young, hot and sexy art teacher. 


Felicia was always good at art, it was something she was really talented in and something she really enjoyed. However, she never appreciated criticism and if her work was to be questioned or criticised, she would reply with a bad enough comment that would probably make any person hate her guts. 

Thanks to her attitude, Felicia is constantly being moved around within the art department till she is forced to join a class filled with freshmen and a new attractive teacher because no other teachers want her in their class.

How will this turn out?

KerlanQuarn KerlanQuarn Nov 26, 2016
Why does this remind me of The Purple Iris (Kellin Quinn ff)
BlueSkys02 BlueSkys02 Jan 30, 2016
I face palmed myself, is it bad that I've said the exact thing to my math teacher. 😬🖕🏼
pockythe1panda pockythe1panda Jun 14, 2016
I'm totally loving this chapter!! I shall continue to read this story. ;)
A-M_Nicole A-M_Nicole Feb 15, 2016
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- - Feb 17, 2016
Wow I laughed already! Haha 'bits and bobs'! God, I laugh way too much... (。-_-。)
DLovatoBelgium DLovatoBelgium Jan 06, 2016
To be honest I can imagine you ( @xhamsterx ) saying this 😂