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Carrion & Lace (Book I, UNEDITED) Soon To Be Traditionally Published.

Carrion & Lace (Book I, UNEDITED) Soon To Be Traditionally Published.

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The Kraken's Daughter By MissyWillman Completed

When mankind has lost its way and no longer knows its purpose in the grand scheme of things, individuals clamber selfishly over one another, believing they are masters of their own fate. However, the vampires of England still honour the traditions that once forged empires. Under the governance of House Fortescue, they exist amongst us, infiltrating our institutions and shaping the world to their will. 
But when a new generation of vampires rise up to oppose the Old Order, they threaten to undo centuries of veiling their existence from the world. The clandestine society erupts into civil war, and the Fortescue legacy is jeopardised, calling for unprecedented measures to be taken. 
This is a tale of immortal beings, wielding unimaginable power and struggling against one another to maintain dominance in a world of political intrigue, deceit, and betrayal.

'A sumptuous vampire feast for the mind is our next offering written by Kallee Willman. Generally I am not a massive vampire fiction fan, other than Anne Rice's work, however this series has really captured me. The first paragraph transports you instantly as it is exquisitely written, and we are shown the standard Willman offers instantly. Quickly we find ourselves gut-deep in action, and breathlessly needing to continue reading. As well as thrilling vampiric gore, Willman adds a depth to her writing with intelligence and wit.'

---For Reading Addicts,

Cover by @Bluebell84

 "Carrion & Lace" © Copyright 2012-2015, Kallee Willman. All rights reserved.

All materials, content and forms contained are the intellectual property of Kallee Willman and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or displayed without Kallee Willman's express written permission.

MJKryer MJKryer Dec 04, 2016
Just started reading this, and I am already hooked! The way you have with words is astounding :)
HardyLlama HardyLlama Nov 29, 2016
Hi, we have featured your story on a blog for our very popular literary website For Reading Addicts. Here is a link to the blog post:
- - Nov 17, 2016
In "what happened", during his thought, add a question mark.
Spectacularly written! I'm thoroughly impressed with the way you've managed to introduce the setting and the protagonist.
free_spirt_reborn_22 free_spirt_reborn_22 Oct 16, 2015
There an underneath the chapter for phantom of the opera...quite fitting don't you think :).
SoulBurningBright SoulBurningBright Sep 26, 2015
Amethyst & Indigo! Ugghhh. This book will be my demise by one paragraph.